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about steven Steven Elliott was born in Windsor, Ontario. His father was a Canadian construction worker, and his mother was an American secretary.

His family lived in the Detroit area until he was 3 years old. They then moved to Colorado for his father’s work as a union Glazier for 4 years. At the age of 8, Steven and his family returned to the Detroit area, purchasing a home in Roseville. Steven learned that if he wanted anything in life, he had to work for it. He started working at the age of 12 and never stopped. He mowed lawns, bagged groceries, washed dishes, fried chicken at KFC, cooked at a bowling alley, and served as a caddy at the local golf club.

Two weeks after his high school graduation, Steven joined the United States Marine Corps, just three days after his 18th birthday. His service in the Marines changed his life forever, and for the better. Steven served 4 years in the Marine Corps as a Logistics Specialist at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. He was assigned to the 1stSurveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence Group (SRIG), ensuring all combat essential equipment was operational. He was attached to the Army Paratrooper School in Fort Benning, Georgia, as well as deployed to the US Southern Border to track drug smugglers, human traffickers, and illegal entrants.
After completing his military service, Steven went to work in the private sector as a personal trainer and selling cars at a local car dealership in Royal Oak. In 2001, he took out a loan on his home to start his own business, American Pride Tattoo Studio. That single tattoo studio, grew to 6 throughout the Detroit area. Steven made the innovative decision to not only offer tattoos, but also tattoo removal in his shops. Quickly seeing the success of offering aesthetics work, in 2012, Steven founded a full service aesthetics center, which he owns and operates to this day; Rochester Laser Center.

Steven has enjoyed a successful business career by investing in any businesses’ most valuable asset: people. He offered individuals the opportunity to learn a trade and build a career. Through his businesses, Steven has given back to his community by contributing to many local events, charities, and organizations.

Steven is not only a veteran and businessman, he is a patriot who loves his country and believes that America is exceptional. He has seen the American Dream become out of reach for too many due to rising inflation, increasing crime, poor education, erosion of freedoms, economic stagnation, high taxes and regulations. It is for these reasons that Steven has decided to run for United States Congress to challenge the establishment and fight for hard working Americans.
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Issues Protecting the American Dream here in Michigan

Less Crime

Violent Crime has plagued our communities for too long. Citizens deserve to feel safe in their homes, at work, and while carrying out daily activities. Our police should be fully funded and crime should not be tolerated.

More Jobs

Every American should have the opportunity to live their own American Dream. Upward mobility can be better realized with a growing economy and more quality jobs. Lessening the barrier to entry for new entrepreneurs is vital to creating an economy where anyone with a good idea and hard work can start a business, grow, and thrive. Congress must eliminate burdensome regulations, bureaucratic delays, and reduce the tax burden so that businesses can continue to compete in a global marketplace.

Secure Border

In 2021, the United States saw more illegal immigration across our Southern border than ever before – more than 2 million entrants. Our national sovereignty and our national security is at stake. Drug dealers, terrorists, and human traffickers have all used our weak border security to harm Americans. We must enhance funding for our Border Patrol and Customs Enforcement, end “catch and release” policies, and enhance deterrents to enter the United States illegally.

Lower Taxes

Michiganders deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money. Our federal income taxes are too high, too complicated, and unfair. Reducing taxes and closing loopholes should be matched with eliminating wasteful spending and balancing our budget. Taxes must be flatter and fairer for all Americans.

Better Education

Education should always be focused on student success. Parents need to be empowered with diverse options to choose the best schools and programs for their children. We should greatly reduce our federal Department of Education, sending more money directly to states and local school districts where the needs of students can be met more effectively.

Quality Healthcare

America’s healthcare system is under tremendous pressure from high costs, staffing shortages, and a decrease in care providers. Providers and customers should be given more flexibility and care options. To increase access for every American we must lower costs, to do this we need to reduce onerous regulation, increase competition, end mandates, and improve price transparency.

Strong Defense

America can preserve peace through strength by ensuring that we maintain the most capable military force on Earth. One of the few express duties of our federal government is to provide national security. Congress must properly fund our military while at the same time provide oversight to reduce ineffective spending.

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    Protecting the American Dream.